Bjorg Charms

Full range of Bjorg charms, from Love Stories Classic to Objects and Love Stories Add-On. Hand made in Sterling silver, black plated and 18 carat yellow gold plated

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Bjorg Love Is Blind Silver Charm £60.00
Bjorg Love Is Blind Silver Charm
Bjorg Heart Of Silver Charm £60.00
Bjorg Heart Of Silver Charm
Bjorg Sweet As Honey Charm £68.00
Bjorg Sweet As Honey Charm
Bjorg Sweetest Thing Charm £76.00
Bjorg Sweetest Thing Charm
Bjorg Winged Friendship Charm £76.00
Bjorg Winged Friendship Charm
Bjorg Gloved Hand Charm £68.00
Bjorg Gloved Hand Charm
Bjorg Aim Is True Arrow Charm £75.00
Bjorg Aim Is True Arrow Charm
Bjorg Gold Pulsating Heart Charm £60.00
Bjorg Gold Pulsating Heart Charm
Bjorg Belongs To Daddy Charm £67.00
Bjorg Belongs To Daddy Charm
Bjorg Heart Has Reason Charm £69.00
Bjorg Heart Has Reason Charm
Bjorg Love You Charm £45.00
Bjorg Love You Charm
Bjorg Lucky Clover Charm £64.00
Bjorg Lucky Clover Charm
Bjorg Pulsating Heart Charm £69.00
Bjorg Pulsating Heart Charm
Bjorg Brave Heart Charm £45.00
Bjorg Brave Heart Charm
Bjorg Friends & Flowers Charm £45.00
Bjorg Friends & Flowers Charm
Bjorg Live Love Laugh Charm £45.00
Bjorg Live Love Laugh Charm
Bjorg Love Patch Charm £76.00
Bjorg Love Patch Charm
Bjorg Waiting For A Sign Necklace £75.00
Bjorg Waiting For A Sign Necklace
Bjorg Wonderful Charm £60.00
Bjorg Wonderful Charm