Bjorg Earrings

Handmade in sterling silver, 18 carat gold or black plate. If dramatic and gothic or sweet and subtle is what you fancy, Bjorg offer a full range of designs to choose from

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Bjorg Three Mountain Earrings £90.00
Bjorg Three Mountain Earrings
Bjorg Brave Heart Earrings £90.00
Bjorg Brave Heart Earrings
Bjorg Winged Friendship Earrings £95.00
Bjorg Winged Friendship Earrings
Bjorg Herkimer Crystal Earrings £150.00
Bjorg Herkimer Crystal Earrings
Bjorg Battle Stars Ear Studs £183.00
Bjorg Battle Stars Ear Studs
Bjorg Diamond Earrings £240.00
Bjorg Diamond Earrings
Bjorg Black Knight Earrings £255.00
Bjorg Black Knight Earrings
Bjorg Gold Diamond Earrings £329.00
Bjorg Gold Diamond Earrings