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Bjorg Belongs To Daddy Charm £33.50
Bjorg Belongs To Daddy Charm
Bjorg Live Love Laugh Charm £22.50
Bjorg Live Love Laugh Charm
Bjorg Love Is Blind Silver Charm £30.00
Bjorg Love Is Blind Silver Charm
Bjorg Sweet As Honey Charm £34.00
Bjorg Sweet As Honey Charm
Bjorg Sweetest Thing Charm £38.00
Bjorg Sweetest Thing Charm
Bjorg Winged Friendship Charm £38.00
Bjorg Winged Friendship Charm
Bjorg Wonderful Charm £30.00
Bjorg Wonderful Charm
Giovanni Raspini Starfish Charm £16.00
Giovanni Raspini Starfish Charm
Giovanni Raspini Swan Charm £23.50
Giovanni Raspini Swan Charm
Giovanni Raspini Winged Heart Charm £16.00
Giovanni Raspini Winged Heart Charm
Jeremy Hoye Sabre Charm £37.00
Jeremy Hoye  Sabre Charm
Jeremy Hoye Carpet Charm £37.00
Jeremy Hoye Carpet Charm
Jeremy Hoye Chest Charm £37.00
Jeremy Hoye Chest Charm
Jeremy Hoye Key Charm £37.00
Jeremy Hoye Key Charm
Jeremy Hoye Octopus Charm £37.00
Jeremy Hoye Octopus Charm