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Crescent CZ Pendant 120.00
Crescent CZ Pendant
Large Onyx Heart Pendant 112.00
Large Onyx Heart Pendant
Double Silver Swirl Pendant 85.00
Double Silver Swirl Pendant
Black String Ray Necklace 80.00
Black String Ray Necklace
Silver Swirly Dish Pendant 75.00
Silver Swirly Dish Pendant
Bjorg Waiting For A Sign Necklace 75.00
Bjorg Waiting For A Sign Necklace
Bjorg Leave Fears Behind Pendant 75.00
Bjorg Leave Fears Behind Pendant
Bjorg Dream On Dreamer Pendant 75.00
Bjorg Dream On Dreamer Pendant
Bjorg Smile & Wave Pendant 75.00
Bjorg Smile & Wave Pendant
Raspini Snake Pendant 60.00
Raspini Snake Pendant
Raspini Conch Shell Pendant 60.00
Raspini Conch Shell Pendant
Beaten Silver Pendant Enhancer 45.00
Beaten Silver Pendant Enhancer
Raspini Pendant Enhancer 44.00
Raspini Pendant Enhancer