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Bjorg Three Rocks Pendant £87.50
Bjorg Three Rocks Pendant
Bjorg Dagger Pendant £85.00
Bjorg Dagger Pendant
Large Offset Heart Pendant £80.00
Large Offset Heart Pendant
Raspini T Bar Necklace £70.00
Raspini T Bar Necklace
Silver Flower Necklace £69.50
Silver Flower Necklace
Silver,rose gold and black twisted mesh necklace £64.50
Silver,rose gold and black twisted mesh necklace
Silver Rutilated Quartz Pendant £60.00
Silver Rutilated Quartz Pendant
Black Pearl Flower Necklace £60.00
Black Pearl Flower Necklace
Crescent CZ Pendant £60.00
Crescent CZ Pendant
Large Onyx Heart Pendant £56.00
Large Onyx Heart Pendant
Libra pendant £54.00
Libra pendant
Sagittarius pendant £54.00
Sagittarius pendant
Silver heavy curbed link chain £49.00
Silver heavy curbed link chain
Black String Ray Necklace £40.00
Black String Ray Necklace
Bjorg Waiting For A Sign Necklace £37.50
Bjorg Waiting For A Sign Necklace