Giovanni Raspini The latest collection from Giovanni Raspini. Gorgeous chunky silver statement pieces, including the popular charm range. Symbolising a treasure of memories and symbols, charms mark the passing of time in an unforgettable way.

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Giovanni Raspini Starfish Charm 32.00
Giovanni Raspini Starfish Charm
Giovanni Raspini Swan Charm 47.00
Giovanni Raspini Swan Charm
Giovanni Raspini Winged Heart Charm 32.00
Giovanni Raspini Winged Heart Charm
Raspini 3D Starfish Charm  47.00
Raspini 3D Starfish Charm
Raspini Anchor Charm 47.00
Raspini Anchor Charm
Raspini Angel Charm 32.00
Raspini Angel Charm
Raspini Ballerina Charm 32.00
Raspini Ballerina Charm
Raspini Bamboo Bangle 180.00
Raspini Bamboo Bangle
Raspini Blue Bracelet 254.00
Raspini Blue Bracelet
Raspini Boxer Charm 70.00
Raspini Boxer Charm
Raspini Bracelet 520.00
Raspini Bracelet
Raspini Butterfly charm 22.00
Raspini Butterfly charm
Raspini Chameleon Charm 60.00
Raspini Chameleon Charm
Raspini Conch Shell Pendant 60.00
Raspini Conch Shell Pendant
Raspini Coral Charm 24.00
Raspini Coral Charm