Giovanni Raspini The latest collection from Giovanni Raspini. Gorgeous chunky silver statement pieces, including the popular charm range. Symbolising a treasure of memories and symbols, charms mark the passing of time in an unforgettable way.

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Raspini Silver Angel Bracelet Charm £32.00
Raspini Silver Angel Bracelet Charm
Raspini Quartz Charm Bead £35.00
Raspini Quartz Charm Bead
Giovanni Raspini Starfish Charm £32.00
Giovanni Raspini Starfish Charm
Raspini Bamboo Bangle £180.00
Raspini Bamboo Bangle
Raspini Crocodile Bangle £180.00
Raspini Crocodile Bangle
Raspini Snake Bangle £180.00
Raspini Snake Bangle
Raspini Shell Charm £44.00
Raspini Shell Charm
Raspini Marlin Charm £84.00
Raspini Marlin Charm
Raspini Turtle Charm £44.00
Raspini Turtle Charm
Raspini Seahorse Charm £24.00
Raspini Seahorse Charm
Raspini Coral Charm £32.00
Raspini Coral Charm
Raspini Crocodile Charm £60.00
Raspini Crocodile Charm
Raspini Chameleon Charm £60.00
Raspini Chameleon Charm
Raspini Blue Bracelet £254.00
Raspini Blue Bracelet
Raspini Bracelet £520.00
Raspini Bracelet