Cavendish French

Creative styling and craftsmanship from around the World is the Cavendish French trademark. Our stunning collection ranges from timeless and classic plain pieces, to bold contemporary statement pieces or to the just fashionable and fun. A unique range with something for everyone.

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Swirl Necklace £770.00
Swirl Necklace
Silver Oblong Necklace £558.00
Silver Oblong Necklace
Disc Necklace £515.00
Disc Necklace
Buckle Hinged Bangle £490.00
Buckle Hinged Bangle
Agate Pebble Bracelet £460.00
Agate Pebble Bracelet
Silver Oblong Bracelet £408.00
Silver Oblong Bracelet
Gold Swirl Bracelet £360.00
Gold Swirl Bracelet
Concave Swirl Bracelet £210.00
Concave Swirl Bracelet
Large Offset Heart Pendant £160.00
Large Offset Heart Pendant
Silver Cloudy Sun Pendant £146.00
Silver Cloudy Sun Pendant
Romany Slave Bangle £135.00
Romany Slave Bangle
Purple Resin Bangle £128.00
Purple Resin Bangle
Silver Crinkle Polo Pendant £125.00
Silver Crinkle Polo Pendant
Silver & Grey Agate Bracelet £120.00
Silver & Grey Agate Bracelet
Crescent CZ Pendant £120.00
Crescent CZ Pendant