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Agate Pebble Bracelet £230.00
Agate Pebble Bracelet
Amethyst Rosegold Torque Bangle £97.50
Amethyst Rosegold Torque Bangle
Bjorg Claw Bangle £189.50
Bjorg Claw Bangle
Bjorg Gold Urchin Bangle £98.00
Bjorg Gold Urchin Bangle
Bjorg Silver Urchin Bangle £98.00
Bjorg Silver Urchin Bangle
Black Sweetie Bracelet £105.00
Black Sweetie Bracelet
Buckle Hinged Bangle £245.00
Buckle Hinged Bangle
Classic Silver Bangle £55.50
Classic Silver Bangle
Forget me not silver bracelet £117.50
Forget me not silver bracelet
Gold Swirl Bracelet £180.00
Gold Swirl Bracelet
Heavy silver spine bracelet £390.00
Heavy silver spine bracelet
Jeremy Hoye Pearl Bracelet £155.00
Jeremy Hoye Pearl Bracelet
Labrodite and Cubic zirconia oval bangle £180.00
Labrodite and Cubic zirconia oval bangle
Oxidised Coil Bangle £34.50
Oxidised Coil Bangle
Oxidised Mesh Bangle £34.50
Oxidised Mesh Bangle