Bangles & Bracelets Choose from our extensive range of silver bangles, from bold chunky cuffs to detailed bangles

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Mesh Pearl Bangle 129.00
Mesh Pearl Bangle
Oxidised Coil Bangle 69.00
Oxidised Coil Bangle
Oxidised Mesh Bangle 69.00
Oxidised Mesh Bangle
Oxidised Mesh Pearl Bangle 129.00
Oxidised Mesh Pearl Bangle
Silver Mesh Bangle 59.00
Silver Mesh Bangle
Black Mesh Bangle 69.00
Black Mesh Bangle
Blue Topaz Twisted Bangle 295.00
Blue Topaz Twisted Bangle
Raspini Bamboo Bangle 180.00
Raspini Bamboo Bangle
Raspini Crocodile Bangle 180.00
Raspini Crocodile Bangle
Raspini Snake Bangle 180.00
Raspini Snake Bangle
Romany Slave Bangle 135.00
Romany Slave Bangle
Bjorg Gold Urchin Bangle 196.00
Bjorg Gold Urchin Bangle
Bjorg Silver Urchin Bangle 196.00
Bjorg Silver Urchin Bangle
Bjorg Dream Big Bangle 185.00
Bjorg Dream Big Bangle
Classic Silver Bangle 111.00
Classic Silver Bangle