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Jeremy Hoye Rose Earrings £68.00
Jeremy Hoye Rose Earrings
Bjorg Gold Diamond Earrings £164.50
Bjorg Gold Diamond Earrings
Bjorg Winged Friendship Earrings £47.50
Bjorg Winged Friendship Earrings
Silver Square Earrings £19.50
Silver Square Earrings
Bjorg Brave Heart Earrings £45.00
Bjorg Brave Heart Earrings
Gold Plated Flower £64.50
Gold Plated Flower
Tiny Gold Plated Silver Pulsating Heart Pendant £52.50
Tiny Gold Plated Silver Pulsating Heart Pendant
Silver Sleeper Earring £12.50
Silver Sleeper Earring
Rose Gold Mesh Hoop Earrings £24.00
Rose Gold Mesh Hoop Earrings
Drop Ball £26.00
Drop Ball
Large Peacock Feather £75.00
Large Peacock Feather
Crescent Moon Earrings £42.00
Crescent Moon Earrings
Staggered Hoop Cross Earrings £92.50
Staggered Hoop Cross Earrings
22ct Gold Plate Rope Drop £90.00
22ct Gold Plate Rope Drop
Rose Gold Acorn Mace £63.00
Rose Gold Acorn Mace