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Silver & Gold Chunky Ring 280.00
Silver & Gold Chunky Ring
Rutilated Quartz Silver Ring 385.00
Rutilated Quartz Silver Ring
Amethyst Ring 469.00
Amethyst Ring
Silver Kyanite Ring 333.00
Silver Kyanite Ring
Silver Chunky Kyanite Ring 180.00
Silver Chunky Kyanite Ring
Green Quartz Ring 160.00
Green Quartz Ring
Pearl Ring 199.00
Pearl Ring
Green Quartz Lattice Ring 180.00
Green Quartz Lattice Ring
Silver Amethyst Lattice Ring 175.00
Silver Amethyst Lattice Ring
Chunky Silver Amethyst Ring 125.00
Chunky Silver Amethyst Ring
Bjorg Ball & Chain Ring 150.00
Bjorg Ball & Chain Ring
Alex Monroe Citrine Ring 225.00
Alex Monroe Citrine Ring
Bjorg Claw Ring 155.00
Bjorg Claw Ring
Gold Eucalyptus Ring 168.00
Gold Eucalyptus Ring
Gold Plated Bobble Ring 185.00
Gold Plated Bobble Ring