GU1 Jewellers Services
Gu1 is part of Orlando Jewellers - a family run buisness for over 40 years. Stocking renowned designers such as Bjorg and Alex Monroe we have customers in over 20 countries worldwide.
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Designs and Commissions
For thirty years GU1 have been designing and creating pieces of jewellery to meet and reflect the needs of our clients. When the occasion demands a unique piece of jewellery our experienced designers are at hand to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction are achieved and craftsmen are at your service. If you have a specific idea as to your requirements write a description, draw a sketch or bring photographs of examples to help us create your ideal piece to the highest standards.
Can be carried out on most items of jewellery and silverware. Our comprehensive repair service includes: Ring sizings, stone replacements, complete new ring mounts, half ring shanks and three quarter ring shanks, solders to broken chains, new chain clasps soldered, claws checked and retipped, stone repolishing, metal polishing and re plating all to the highest standards of British craftsmanship.
Insurance Claims
GU1 can guide you step by step through your insurance claim - from providing an estimate through to carrying out a repair, finding a replacement item or a complete remake of your lost item.
Jewellery Re-design
If you have an item of jewellery which is looking dated or you are no longer happy with, GU1 offers a redesign service. We can run you through alternatives, show you examples of designs and create some sketches for you. If you have a specific idea as to your requirements write a description, create a sketch or provide photographs.
Diamond Merchant
We can supply loose Diamonds in whatever cut, carat weight, colour and clarity you desire. GU1 offers an extensive range of gemstones and we are able to source precious and semi-precious stones at your request as required. See the 4 C's chart
Safety Checks
All jewellery can be checked for safety. Worn or damaged jewellery can be checked for loose stones, worn claws or shanks on rings, clasps etc. Jewellery should always be removed at night to reduce the rate of wear.
Are carried out on the premises for purposes of insurance and probate. Valuations for insurance are charged at 1% and probate at 5% of the total value of items plus VAT at 20%, minimum valuation charge is £50. You will receive two copies of your valuation, one for both yourself and your insurer, with a detailed description, photographs and a value for each item
Loose gemstone beads - faceted, tumbled and round; Pearls - dyed or in natural colours, in a variety of shapes and sizes; gilt, silver and gold clasps and beads are all available to select from to make a personal piece of contemporary gemstone jewellery to suite your taste and budget. Most gemstone beads can be sourced to meet requirements.
The re-threading of Pearl necklets/bracelets are undertaken, some of which are carried out on the premises - expect 10 days for repair completion. Threaded jewellery should be restrung every 18 months or 6 months if worn on a daily basis. Loose gemstone beads and pearls are sold on the premises which can be added to a necklet or bracelet to give it a new look or add where Pearls/beads are lost. Staff are trained in design and are on hand to offer ideas and advice for redesigns.
Seal cutting and hand engraving can be done on jewellery, silverware and other gift items each hand engraving is to the highest standards by skilled craftsmen.
Click to choose an engraving style. Plates can be made and engraved for corporate gifts
Antique and second hand jewellery or silverware can be repaired and restored to its original splendour.
Professional Cleaning and Polishing
GU1 has the latest technology for cleaning and polishing jewellery, including a Steam Cleaner and an Ultra Sonic machine. Polishing can be undertaken to remove heavier pitting on metals.
Gem Testing
All gems and Pearls can be tested by orlando to determine their authenticity. Many can be determined on the premises and others require laboratory testing. Diamonds can be authenticated on the premises however the certification of a Diamonds colour and clarity requires sending it to a recognised laboratory. GU1 is a registered member of the gagtl - The Gemmological Association and Gem testing Laboratory of Great Briton Charges for testing vary, contact us for further details.
Growing Diamonds
GU1 offers to take in smaller Diamonds in part exchange for buying larger Diamonds, a service GU1 calls 'Growing Diamonds'. For example a Diamond ring could be taken in part exchange for a Diamond pendant with a larger carat Diamond.
Items may be taken in on a 'SALE OR RETURN' basis. Items go on display in the shop and once sold GU1 take a commission and the customer is paid an agreed amount.
Second hand and antique jewellery may be bought, depending on quality and demand. Items on occasion may be bought for their scrap weight value.Gift Presentation - Every purchase made from GU1 online or from the shop will be presented in our elegant GU1 boxes and presentation cases. We are also happy to gift wrap for any occasion.